Josh and Stan

Josh Scaturro and Stan Cottner have been together as a couple for more than 23 years. They began their partnership in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, and relocated to the “southernmost city” of Key West in 1994. Their lusty love affair with Provincetown began just over four years ago, while attending Bear Week together.
Josh began his experience in hospitality at Alexander’s Guest House in Key West, more than 20 years ago, as a houseboy / “do-it-all” guy. After a few years, and having learned all he could at that property, his next adventure began when he became the manager of the Oasis and Coral Tree Guest House.Stan also served as operations manager for two guesthouses in Key West. During this time, Stan noticed there was a true need for a “reliable” commercial cleaning company to take care of the daily needs of his and many other businesses in Key West. The two also saw the potential for a cleaning company to take over the housekeeping duties for Oasis and Coral Tree. Out of necessity and innovation – and armed with his knowledge of cleanliness, organization and customer service, Stan formed Reliable Cleaning, Inc… With this move being a success, and the business growing, soon after, Josh began working full-time side by side with Stan. The two continued to build the business into the number one cleaning company in the Southernmost City it is today.Recently Josh was also hired as a consultant to redevelop, train staff and write standards for a few guesthouses throughout Key West. Upon completing this endeavor it became clear that their work in Key West was nearly finished, and it was time to make Provincetown their home.
Upon a visit to Provincetown last year the couple began looking for available properties in the area and learned their very favorite historic home was on the market! The magnificent house at 166 Commercial Street,  was destined to become the new Queen Vic Guest House, the reigning Queen of Provincetown.
Stan and Josh are in the throes of strategic and design planning as they become one of the first boutique properties listed as a ” Bed and Beverage ”  incorporating their newly acquired full liquor license.   They will continue to provide former and new guests with the highest level of comfort, service and all-around guest experience. Built on the foundation of their own love of personal engagement with their guests and a combination of new features, furnishings, offerings, their own luxurious signature style, and, a fresh new coat on a beautiful property surrounded by the magnificent beauty that is Provincetown, they know all who stay with them will feel just like royalty.
Josh and Stan look forward to meeting everyone that is part of the history, and the future of The  Queen Vic Guest House  If you would like to follow along with the renovations, specials, and activities of The Queen Vic Guest House please like and share the Facebook page at
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